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Regional Fertility Program Regional Fertility Program

Welcome to the Regional Fertility Program website.
The desire to have a child is an exciting and compelling part of most peoples' lives. Unfortunately some couples will experience difficulty in fulfilling this wish. However, there are fertility treatments available at the Regional Fertility Program (RFP) that can assist many couples in overcoming these difficulties.

The physicians and staff at the RFP have over 25 years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility problems. We offer a full range of diagnostic and treatment programs for both male and female fertility disorders as well as for recurrent pregnancy loss. The in vitro fertilization program at the RFP began in 1984 and since that time over 12,000 babies have been born as a result of this treatment. Today it is one of the most successful IVF programs in Canada, with patients coming from across the country to receive treatment in Calgary.

As you embark on your journey to establishing your family the RFP has the experience and resources to assist in your care.

Important News! The Calgary Regional Fertility Program wishes to correct erroneous media reports about a policy that restricts patients to using donors of the same ethnicity. No such policy exists. The clinic does not permit any form of discrimination on the basis of stereotypes, including race, gender or sexual orientation. For more than a year, patients of the Regional Fertility Program have had the choice of egg or sperm donors of any ethnicity. Unfortunately, this change in policy was not updated on our website, which is currently under construction. This was an oversight and that older policy has now been removed. Since changing our policy last year, the clinic has treated numerous patients who have requested donors of different ethnicity.

Ethics and ethical debates have always characterized the topic of fertility treatments and will likely continue to do so in future but these difficult issues should not detract from the core work of the Regional Fertility Program in assisting individuals and couples create families. The change in policy reflects the multicultural society we live in today. The Regional Fertility Program respects ethnic diversity and the autonomy of the reproductive choices made by our patients.